Complete Solutions for your Organization

Applied Logic in Salem, OR offers programming, network support and computer repair servicesApplied Logic Corporation is a trusted provider of IT services and software for thousands of organizations around the world. We provide custom and packaged software solutions as well as a full range of Information Technology services to customers in a variety of industries and sizes ranging from small local companies to multinational corporations. Based in Salem, Oregon, Applied Logic offers programming, network and desktop support, diagnosis and repair, and many other services.

Software Products and Solutions

Applied Logic offers a variety of specialized software products that have been created by our team of developers. Our solutions are used by thousands of organizations in more than 100 countries worldwide. In addition, we are able to develop customized software and hardware solutions that will meet the specific needs of your organization.

Information Technology Services

Applied Logic's experienced Professional Services Team provides the expertise to efficiently meet the needs of your organization. Whether it's custom software development, network design or troubleshooting, desktop support, or many other areas where we can be of help, you'll be well served on an "as needed" basis by our staff.