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Complete Solutions PDE/400 was designed to be an easy to use Change Management solution, with the functions that are required all within a single product. PDE/400 provides control over the application development process and a history of all development and maintenance activity.

PDE licenses from $1645 to $8495 depending on your machine size. The software has the following features.

Change Management

  • Project Management functions for tracking change requests
  • Support for an unlimited number of versions
  • Control system for checking in and out program source
  • Capability to list and check out all related objects
  • Optional automatic changes in related versions when changes are made in one version
  • Support for parallel development by different programmers with conflict warning and source merging
  • Source compression, archiving and unarchiving
  • Central inventory database
  • Built-in source scan and ability to browse or check out all matching source
  • Project history reporting
  • Distribution of changes or new versions to multiple local or remote systems

Application Development

  • Automatic compiling of objects in logical sequence
  • Automatic recreation of objects with original ownership, authority and attributes
  • Automatic recreation of physical and logical files when files are modified
  • Automatic mapping of data into modified files
  • Recreation of referenced objects
  • Source compare and source merge capabilities
  • Test Environment for complete application testing without using production data


  • Library analysis detail report
  • Library analysis summary report
  • Unreferenced source report
  • Unreferenced objects report
  • Last use of objects report
  • Deleted objects report
  • Source comparison report
  • Printer file sample report
  • Display file sample report
  • Database file layout report
  • Job explosion report
  • Job implosion report
  • System flow report
  • Field cross-reference report


  • Multiple user support
  • Online help text
  • Free telephone support first 30 days (18% annual maint. fee thereafter that includes updates. )
  • Free trial and tutorial