Automated Conversion of Legacy S/36 Applications

Originally developed in 1989 and extensively enhanced since, NCS has been used for thousands of successful conversion projects. Our customers have saved countless hours and dollars using the NCS automated conversion solution.

Why go to the Native Environment?

  • Your current business applications' life is extended, protecting your software investment.
  • Your applications will be faster and more efficient (IBM Ramp-C performance tests show native applications can run as much as 51% faster than under the S/36 environment.)
  • Programming staff can experience up to a 6x programming productivity improvement.
  • You'll be able to take advantage of all AS/400 features like relational database, Query, Integrated fax, PC integration, etc.
  • Staff will stay technically up to date with current technologies.
  • The AS/400 Native Environment allows you to fully exploit your hardware and software investment.

Why use NCS to get to the Native Environment?

  • Using NCS dramatically reduces the time and resources required by up to 90%! (Save hundreds, even thousands of hours over manual conversion!)
  • NCS generates accurate structured code without the inevitable errors of a manual conversion.
  • With NCS you don't need to be a native expert or CL expert. NCS is the expert!
  • NCS is also a training tool. Your staff can easily learn native programming concepts by reviewing the code generated by NCS.
  • A comprehensive, easy to understand reference manual provides overviews, examples, hints and suggestions.
  • NCS is defined to save your resources, freeing you to work on other projects while NCS works for you.

OCL to CL Conversion

  • Makes the tedious manual job of converting OCL procedures into CL programs a breeze!
  • Generates accurate structured CL programs
  • Allows choices of native techniques to be used in the generated code
  • Translates OCL statements and commonly used IBM procedures and commands
  • Translates parameters, LDA usage, substitution expressions and concatenation
  • Translates the use of #GSORT and SORT including embedded substitution expressions in the inline sort specifications
  • Translates IF ELSE conditional logic
  • Translates file usage including group files and ?WS? files
  • Replaces "build and delete" with CLRPFM logic
  • Handles embedded CL commands
  • Provides Before and After reports
  • Provides a Conversion Status Summary report
  • Automatically flags and cross-references any unsupported code
  • Automatically compiles successful translations

Database Definition and Conversion

  • Generates error-free DDS source from F and I specifications
  • Builds complete file definitions from specifications in any number of programs
  • Provides an online file/program cross-reference
  • Handles multiple-format files
  • Generates physical and logical file DDS
  • Generates data conversion programs to load newly created files
  • Eliminates data decimal errors and prints report

RPG Program Conversion

  • Converts RPGII programs for RPG/400 compiler compatibility
  • Makes automated changes for native function
  • Adds necessary code for correct WORKSTN program function
  • Automatically changes file definition and access methods
  • Prints compatibility report showing any potential problem areas

Screen Format Conversion

  • Creates native mode DDS-defined display files from S/36 format members

Menu Conversion

  • Creates native mode menus from S/36 menus
  • Translates OCL or commands run by the menus


  • Automatic renaming of CL with provided prefix/suffix when necessary to avoid conflicts between OCL and RPG members with the same name
  • Submission of selected members or mass conversion
  • Interactive or batch conversion
  • Automatic flagging of exceptions requiring manual attention
  • Comprehensive reference manual
  • Interactive online interfaces
  • Multiple user support
  • Online help text
  • Free telephone support first 30 days (15% annual maint. fee thereafter that includes updates.)
  • Various conversion reports
  • Conversion demo and tutorial