More Information

DDS/Link is available as a stand-alone product for $495 or as a part of Applied Logic's Native Conversion System package.

Externally Define your files

  • Define physical and logical files
  • Automatically generate error-free DDS source from your RPG programs
  • Provide meaningful column headings
  • No need to know DDS keywords

Automatically Convert your files

  • Generate file conversion programs
  • Easily map your file data into the newly defined file
  • Find and correct decimal data errors
  • Print a decimal data summary report

Interactively Re-Engineer your files

  • Change the size or type of existing fields
  • Add and automatically initialize new fields
  • Change record lengths
  • Existing data will be automatically converted

DDS/Link also features...

  • SAA-compliant screens
  • Online help text
  • Complete reference manual
  • Free technical support