Automated External File Definition
   for RPG Programs

RPG/Externalizer is an automated system that converts RPG programs using internal (program described) definitions of data files on the iSeries and AS/400. The programs are automatically modernized to use external definitions. RPG/Externalizer removes I-specs and O-specs and re-engineers the programs to utilize the external DDS field information, making changes in File, Input, Calc, and Output specifications, as seen in this example.

RPG/Externalizer will transform your legacy RPG programs into externalized RPGLE programs, and will save you countless hours of programmer time.

RPG/Externalizer runs on your AS/400 and takes the place of a tedious and time-consuming manual conversion. RPG/Externalizer is available for a one-time $895 license fee.

Also available is the award-winning Native Conversion System (NCS) comprehensive solution for converting legacy S/36 applications to run native on the iSeries. Both tools combined provide a complete conversion solution, and are available together at a special bundle price.

If you don't have the available resources to do the conversion yourself, Applied Logic's Client Solutions team offers System/36 conversion services. For general information about converting legacy S/36 applications, please refer to this white paper.